Nidderdale Show News

Nidderdale Show – Not just for Old Folk!

The Nidderdale Agricultural Society is looking to encourage the involvement of younger people in this years Nidderdale Show. Youngsters are needed not only to assist with the stewarding of classes,  but also to take part in the competitions. In particular David Verity Chief Sheep Steward is asking all you budding shepherd’s and shepherdess’s out there to come and join in this years show by entering the junior Shepherd and shepherdess class. There are two classes one for 9yrs or younger and the other for 10-14 year olds, the entrants are each asked to show a lamb and are judged on the presentation and turnout of both the lamb and the handler. So anyone interested in helping or taking part in any classes please contact Show Secretary Susan Monk on 01969 650 129.

They are also looking for more entries in to this years childrens ‘pet on a lead’ class, so if you have any type of pet from a mouse to a well behaved elephant, so long as it’s on a lead, we want you to enter. With the Yorkshire Dales Society donating £50 towards prize money you could stand to earn some serious pocket money!

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