Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read this carefully and if you do not agree with it, please do not use our website. You do not need to register any personal details to access our site.

The Nidderdale Agricultural Society is committed to protecting your personal data and processing it only in accordance with legal requirements.

All data collected by the Society is for the purpose of running the Nidderdale Show and the Society itself. This policy sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you will be stored and processed by us when entering to compete on show day, applying for trade stands, membership, sponsorship or any other contact you may have with the Society.

We are required to provide you with the following information under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Information we collect
We will collect and store personal data that you provide when completing application forms issued for entering a competition on show day; booking a trade stand and pledging sponsorship. This will typically include name, contact details and any specific data relating to your application. This will be restricted to the minimum required to deal with your request. The retention of data will only occur where necessary and where we have a legitimate reason for doing so.

What we use personal information for
Exhibitors: We hold contact information for correspondence purposes. Exhibitors names will be entered in the Show Catalogue under classes entered. They will also be listed in results if placed. Results will be circulated to members of the press and published on our website. Contact details will not be published. We may share details with relevant Breed Societies when requested and with regulatory bodies.
Judges: We hold contact information for correspondence purposes. Names and town will be printed in the Show Schedule and Show Catalogue. We may share contact details with other Shows looking for recommendations.
Traders: We hold contact information and booking details for correspondence and organisational purposes relating to the Show. For advertising purposes, traders will be listed on our website and in the Show Catalogue. Details will also be shared with the local Environmental Health department and with trading standards and HSE if requested by them.
Suppliers: Contact details will be held for as long as required. This for contact purposes and may be shared with other Shows looking for recommendations.
Members/Subscribers: We hold contact information for correspondence purposes. Members/Subscribers names and subscription amount will be entered in the annual Subscribers Booklet distributed to members/subscribers.
Sponsors: We hold contact information for correspondence and invoicing purposes. A record will be kept of the classes sponsored. For advertising purposes, names and contact information will be included in the Show Catalogue, Show Schedule and on our website.
Advertisers: Contact details will be kept for correspondence purposes and choice of advertising for administration purposes.

Our website uses cookies for analytical purposes only. On our website there are links to 3rd Party sites. These websites have their own privacy policies and the Society cannot be held responsible for any liability for these policies.

Controlling your personal information
We will only hold your personal information for as long as it is necessary. All paper copies of applications forms and entry forms will be kept until the year following the Show to which they apply and will then be destroyed.

You have the right to request details of the information we hold about you under the current Data Protection Act. In addition, you have the right to request that we amend or remove any of your details. If you require any further information, please contact the Show Secretary via email at